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Hot Pepper & Feta Dip

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As Seen On You Gotta Eat Here!

Kawartha Buttertart Factory and Bakery
Kawartha Sweets and Eats
The Pasta Shop
The Market
One Fine Food 
Three Roads Farms  
Fun Ways To Use Hot Pepper & Feta!
  • As a dip for Veggies
  • Spread on pita or crackers
  • Mixed with mash potatoes
  • Add to twice baked potato filling
  • As a topping on baked potatoes
  • In scrambled eggs or omelette  
  • Spread on bagel or toast
  • Stuffing for chicken breast
  • Jalapeno pepper filling. Wrap with bacon!
  • Pizza crust dipper. 
  • Grill meats - steak, pork and chicken